A Demonstration

by The Oil Barons

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This is our demo from Oct. '16. Recorded live and mixed in 4 hours time. Enjoy the tunes, and eagerly await their official versions.


released October 1, 2016

Bass & Vox: Andrew
Guitar: Lou
Drums: Jake


all rights reserved



The Oil Barons Los Angeles, California

You just hit black gold, pardner.


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Track Name: DRILL
Stone drunk as a skunk on the beach
Trippin' over dead seagulls
This is mine, draw a line in the sand
My kind of crime is legal

Sobered up, now I'm squishin' the fishes
Their dying sound sounds funny
They're coming back as dollars and cents
They're coming back as money


More oil, more fire, more fuel
Grease the wheel when it's squeakin'
I'm the man who keeps it spinning around
And cuts loose on the weekend
Track Name: LOVE IS OVER
Jigsaw up in the morning
Try and jolt my mind awake
Shit coffee, fake tobacco
This fall just don't taste the same

Everyone I know says that you're gonna wanna die when love is over
And all my friends are on my phone in digital designs and love is over

Nonstop my boots are grinding rocks into the dust
That's how I roll
No time for cheap romances
They just keep us dancing 'til we've worn out all our soles

Those old feelings taste so good
The sky's a rainy grey, hey
Love is over
And everything I want is just a punishment away, hey
Love is over
Track Name: BLACK MARY
25 and she's breakin' my balls
I need to love somebody
A black mocha machine, she's so mean
I need to touch that body

Black Betty with her back to the door
Her ass is stacked like an Old '54
Tell me so I can repeat it to ya
I wanna whisper your name

Black Mary

White gold, white diamonds, alright
I need a revolution
The blacker berry is s-sweeter to bite
Talk about evolution

I'm feeling tighter in my jeans, Billie Jean
Check out my shoes, bitch, they're so fresh and so clean
You make me feel I miss you already
I want to feel you the same
Track Name: VITCH
Old Farmer Fran went mad again
Said she took his baby
Saw her dancing last night in the full moon light
God deliver me, God save me

Ms. Henry Lee had some words for me
Said if you see that black cat, run
That's how she turns the screw, does the business on you
Stay outta the woods, son!


In my dreams she spoke to me
You will drink the blood of the Earth
Your greed is strong and your dick is long
I can increase your worth

Well, I never cared for a wife or this shit-kicker life
So I drank her unholy wine
She witched me good, like she said she would
Ooh black magic sure feels fine

Oh God help me!
God forgive me!
Oh God forgive me
I'm down on my knees

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