The West is Won

by The Oil Barons

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Mike Williams
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Mike Williams Lot of fun this one, like the western theme. Fuzzy southwestern goodness. Favorite track: Snake Oil.
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Bucky This is smoking guys! As in any accomplished 3-piece, the rhythm is king and boy does that rhythm shine. Smoldering bass, twangy blues age riffs, punk rock attitude and loaded with progressive twists and turns. The West is Won wins out if you’re looking for a surf rock inspired progressive blues band with punk rock roots and doo-wop vibes. They need to hook up with Shotgun Sawyer and go shred the world together! 😎
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Debut LP.

The Oil Barons implore you to blast directly into your brain via headphones or at maximum volume in an automobile.

"If Tom Waits ever hired a punk group to be his backing band, they'd sound a lot like The Oil Barons. It's delightfully unique in all the right ways." - Pete Williams, Heavy Blog is Heavy

“A brilliantly entertaining album packed full of thrills and (oil) spills with the band writing some progressive sounding riffs and OTT lyrics to match...Excellent and highly recommended.” - Steve Howe, Outlaws of the Sun


released March 5, 2019

Recorded at Big Bad Sound in Los Angeles, CA
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Zach Fisher
Assistant Engineer: Rob Shaw
Cover Illustration: Cory Bowman
Graphic Design and Layout: Colin Schur
Photography: Barret Bowman

Andrew Huber - bass, lead vocals
Lou Aquiler - guitars
Jake Hart - drums

Additional Musicians:

Adam Peri - organ (tracks 5, 8, and 10)
Zach Fisher - vibroslap, Bruce

℗&© 2019 The Oil Barons,
Third Revelation Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



The Oil Barons Los Angeles, California

You just hit black gold, pardner.


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Track Name: The Oil Baron
This town is tapped
Tear it down, boys
The West is won
Pour another round, boys
And keep your eye to the ground, boy
The Barons are back, JACK
Back in town, boy

And mind your manners when I come around
And turn the picture of your daughter down
You feel the rumble, the rattle and shake
When I make my awful sound
Keep an ear to the ground

The Earth bleeds from an old vein
I got my finger on the pulse
There's no beauty like a black stain
The land is lousy with the stuff
I bleed her with my sick machine
I'll bleed a bitch dry
Black metal with a purple sheen
Make your mamma cry
Track Name: Drill
Stone drunk as a skunk on the beach
Trippin over dead seagulls
This is mine, draw a line in the sand
My kinda crime is LEGAL

Sobered up, now I'm squishin the fishes
Their dying sound sounds funny
They're coming back as dollars and cents
They're coming back as MONEY


More oil, more fire, more fuel
Grease the wheel when it's squeakin
I'm the man that keeps it spinning around
And cuts loose on the weekend
Track Name: Snake Oil
Well a man may ail
But no man's alone
I pedal miracle wares
Make myself at home
I ride 89 horses
Ride 'em to your door
Young man got a snake in his boot
But he ain't feelin fear no more

Friends, they call me The Doctor
Real friends call me Lou
But most folk they just call me The Doctor
And I'm the doctor for you
Got potions, got elixirs
Oh just a drop'll do the job
By the time I'm done tellin' what I'm sellin'
You'll be buyin' all the sellin' I got (what)

What's in my bag in the back of my wagon
This cure from the desert my ponies are draggin'
You're life's in the dirt and your energy's laggin'
Behold what I have in the palm of my hand
Vital for vigor, better than liquor
Does all that booze can, but safer and quicker
Feeling like shit? I'll cure you of it
Got all the medicine, buy one and tell a friend
You can feel well again, don't be so reticent
Take one of these, put you at ease
Give you relief, good for your teeth
A swig of my juice, you're suddenly loose
If you've got a bellyache, I'm here to medicate

Friends, they call me The Doctor
Real friends call me Louis
But most folk they just call me The Doctor
And I'm the doctor for you, miss
It's time to hit that ol' dusty trail
Hope you're not too attached
If you're still feeling down, next time I come around
I'll hook you up with a fresh batch (yas)
Track Name: California City
Alright and a good goddamn
Are you sick of this, well you know I am
Got no t-t-time to waste
You and I don't need more than just a few lanes

Pack a bag, baby, it ain't far
Pick a few tunes and gas up the car
Got a car wash and some new breaks
Headed out to the new LA

Drivin' out to California City
Tryin' to find some goddamn peace and quiet,
Shit I had enough
When the neon noise is upon ya
And the good ole boys disown ya
California City, California

I don't know, but I been told
Rich man sounded good on the phone
Said come on, son, hit the road
Don't stop 'til you get where you're goin'

Drivin' out to California City
Tryin' to find some goddamn peace and quiet,
Shit I had enough
When the neon noise is upon ya
And the good ole boys disown ya
California City, California

Wherever you go, there you are
Near or far
Wherever you go, there you are
An old man in a beat up car
Track Name: Fuck The Sun
We got hot ash and fire
Dust, dirt, and smoke
Can't dance for rain
When the air makes you choke

I'm runnin hot, I'm feelin dry
Give me a goddamn drink before I die
Midday sun beating down on me, but
Fuck the sun, let the night set you free

People taunt me
They spit on my boots
Ghost haunt me
Down to the roots

Yeah, laugh it up, call me a liar
You dry brittle brush, you're just fuel for the fire
Evening sun is quite a sight to see, but
Fuck the sun, I like my privacy

At last the darkness
I cast for a spell
Blood red skies
And the toll of a bell

Well, you know by now, the moon's my friend
Now down on your knees, watch my magic unbend
Sun's dead in the ground, they sing the eulogy, but
Fuck the sun, 'cause the sun don't shine on me
Track Name: Don't Touch Me
I'm no fun, talking dumb
Got a head full of rum
I'm a lushy bitch

Don't touch me
Track Name: Hot Cake
Met a girl with the finest box
Hot Cake is on fire
In my bedroom like Goldilocks
Hot Cake is on fire

Like Audrey up on the wall
Bitch make me perspire
Got hot sugar withdrawl
Hot Cake is on fire
Track Name: VITCH
Old Farmer Fran went mad again
Said she took his baby!
Saw her dancing last night in the full moon light
God deliver me, God save me

Ms. Henry Lee had some words for me
Said if you see that black cat, run
That's how she turns the screw, does the business on you
Stay outta the woods, son!


In my dreams she spoke to me
You will drink the blood of the Earth
Your greed is strong and your dick is long
I can increase your worth

Well, I never cared for a wife or this shit-kicker life
So I drank her unholy wine
She witched me good, like she said she would
Ooh black magic sure feels fine

Oh God help me!
God forgive me!
Oh God forgive me
I'm down on my knees
Track Name: King Vulture
The birds are in the tree
The big one in the backyard
A black committee
You better let in the dog
The tree is dead, son
Sorry daddy didn't water

But it's only King Vulture
Dropping from out the sky
King Vulture
Come to watch you die

Oh yeah, these are the facts
You let your lawn go brown
The fence is decrepit, falling down
Decaying on the ground
The volt had hit the air
You weren't there
The house in disrepair
You didn't care

King Vulture
Dropping from out the sky
King Vulture
Come to watch you die

Now the time is ripe
They're falling to the ground
When they wake, they'll eat what they came to find
The garbage of your soul
Track Name: Suicide Machine
Is that all? Everything?
Our gal Peggy put it best when she sang,
"Is that all there is?"
They're the same, all the same
You can deny it if you want to
But I know you know it's true,
They're all the same

There's a call from the dark
You can hear it when you're
Sick with your thoughts
It's the void, it's sleep

It says come home, son
There's no room for you here no more
The Earth is choked with fools

That's enough, isn't it?
I say we all agree to call it quits
Watch the mother burn, watch it now
Let it all rain down fire
How's a man supposed to act?
Walking worthless in a global suicide pact

Look down further deep,
To the river from the bridge
From the rim to the bottom of the glass
There's quiet in the darkness, can't you see?
There's rest, finally there's sleep

It says come on down
There's a time and a place to get low
Let the shit show go
Alright now, row

Well everything's fucked, dude!
Misery is the river of the world
Yeah everything's fucked, man
We're low as anyone can go
Everybody row!

When you find yourself dripping in oil
From the working cogs above
That's when you know it's the end, my friend
That's the end of love

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